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We are Alan and Theresa Yoshioka, a.k.a. The Sheepcat and Mrs Sheepcat, two converts to Catholicism who live in Toronto.

I (The Sheepcat) am a freelance editor and writer with my own business, AY's Edit.

Having spent more than a decade and a half holding an out-and-proud gay identity, I was eventually led to embrace orthodox Catholic teaching on homosexuality. In May 2005 I started the blog largely to defend this teaching--even though I wasn't yet Catholic! The name comes from my saying to myself, “A sheepdog helps protect the flock, only I'm really more of a cat person, so why not a sheepcat?”

I (Mrs Sheepcat) have had the privilege of involvement in almost every aspect of the pro-life movement. During my student activist days I met our mutual friend David Morrison, the founder of Courage Online and author of Beyond Gay. Out of friendship with David rather than any personal struggle with homosexuality, I used to visit his blog, Sed Contra, and I commented as Blanche the Davidian. (The site is no longer active but is archived here).

As I (The Sheepcat) read Blanche's occasional comments at Sed Contra, I found her to be an intelligent, articulate kindred spirit. So I wrote to her starting in January 2007, and she wrote back. When we met that spring, I discovered she was also pretty! Gradually we became friends, fell in love, and dated to discern marriage.

In July 2009 we embarked on the greatest adventure of our lives when we entered into the covenant of marriage, which has been a great blessing to us both. I (Mrs Sheepcat) consider myself an Ephesians 5 woman, and when the time was right, I was more than happy to accept the gift of The Sheepcat's name.

We have a passion for spreading the fullness of Catholic teaching. With regard to homosexuality, we affirm that God calls all people to chastity, whatever their sexual desires; and we strive to show respect for all persons.

We are available for speaking engagements. We've appeared in various media and given presentations to a variety of church groups (of several denominations) or school groups. We also enjoy meals with various bloggers and would like to create more community amongst our readers in the future.

The greatest work of our blog will be invisible to the majority of readers: we are available for consultation with individuals and families, and we pray for requested intentions. Feel free to contact us: